Stainless Steel Sterilization Wire Basket

 China Golden sterilization wire baskets manufacturer

Sterilization wire baskets are designed for washing & sterilizing processes in various instrument washers and disinfectors. They are also adapted to conveyors, loading / unloading equipment, storage racks and distribution trolleys. Made of top quality stainless steel, our sterilization wire baskets feature cross hatch structure with spot welds which make them strong enough to withstand repeated washing and the roughest handling.

DIN sterilization wire basket features its continuous wire loops which make it stylish with smooth surface. SPRI / ISO wire basket is characterized by its strong top frame easy hand gripping even if the basket is heavy loaded. Meanwhile, they are nestable and stackable to keep your working areas neat.



  • Stackable into or on top of each other for space saving.
  • Strong and durable welded structure with high strength.
  • Electro polished for shiny and burr free smooth surface.
  • Excellent corrosion, rust, temperature and chemical resistance.
  • Separated top covers are available upon your request.
  • Easy to clean and sterilize medical apparatus and food appliance, etc.
  • Nontoxic and tasteless.