Nickel Wire Mesh

Nickel Wire Mesh/Nickel screen is made of high purity nickel wire. It has outstanding resistance to acids and alkalis. Nickel Wire Mesh is widely used in corrosive environments as for filtration of liquid, gas, etc.

Plain woven nickel wire mesh is one of the most popularly used mesh type. It has outstanding stability and filter precision properties.

The characteristics of plain woven nickel wire mesh: Each weft wire passes over one and under one warp wire, and each warp wire passes over one and under one weft wire, every weft wire have and warp wire the same diameter. Fabric shall be formed by spacing the main and cross wires at a right angle. When the entire main and cross wires are parallel and equally intervals, the mesh forms a square, and, when the width is different, it becomes rectangular.


Mesh Size Wire Thickness (mm)
20 x 20 0.18
40 x 40 0.15
60 x 60 0.12
80 x 80 0.10
100 x 100 0.08
120 x 120 0.07
140 x 140 0.07
160 x 160 0.055
180 x 180 0.05
200 x 200 0.05
124 x 84 0.08