Flat Wire Belt

Flat wire belt that is available in clinched or welded edge. These hinged steel conveyor belts are an assembly of automatically formed precision flat wire pickets. A continuous belt is made by nesting the pickets and inserting a straight round wire connector through the accurately positioned holes. The connector functions as a hinge, affording full vertical flexibility to the belt. Flat wire conveyor belts offer a flat conveying surface and a maximum open area for free air flow or water drainage. They are easy to clean and are extremely sanitary, especially when manufactured with Ashworth-recommended clinched edges. Clinched-edge treatment of these belts results in a number of additional user benefits which are fully outlined in the product technical bulletin.

Standard specification (nominal size)

Specification Weight(kg/m2)
FW-24-27.3-5.0-(1.5x12.7) 17.6
FW-18-27.4-5.0-(1.5x12.7) 19.7
FW-12.7-25.4-5.0-(1.5x12.7) 23.9
FW-12.7-25.4-5.0-(1.5x14.1) 26.1
FW-25.4-25.4-5.0-(1.2x14.1) 17.0
FW-12.7-25.4-5.0-(1.2x14.1) 22.0
FW-14-19.05-4.0-(1.2x12.0) 19.9
FW-24-27.4-3.0-(1.2x9.5) 9.1
FW-16-27.4-3.0-(1.2x9.5) 11.0
FW-15-27-3.0-(1.2x14.1) 16.6
FW-14-13.7-3.0-(1.2x9.5) 17.2
CFW-24-27.3-5.0-(1.5x12.7) 16.5
CFW-18-27.4-5.0-(1.5x12.7) 17.0