BZD Pleating Machine

BZD-1100 Automatic Pleating Production Line
This product line applier to automotive three-filter industry,hydraulic industry,cleaning industry and water treatment industry.

The production line includes BFQ-1100 Pneumatic Slitting machine,BDY-1100 Automatic Marking machine,BZD-1100 Automatic Pleating Machine.

1. BFQ-1100 Pneumatic Slitting machine

Technical parameter:
Paper feeding speed:0.5m-12m/min
Adjustable filter width:32-1100mm
Power voltage:380v/50HZ
Working pressure:0.6MPa
Machine Weight:450kg

2. BDY-1100 Automatic Marking machine

Technical parameter:
Mark shape:
Trapezoidal,M-shaped,internal bulging and external bulging
Max width:1050mm
Adjustable pleat height range:8-55mm
Power voltage:380v/50HZ
Machine weight:500kg

3.BZD-1100 Automatic Pleating machine

Technical parameter
Max width:1050mm
Adjustable pleat height range:8-55mm
Pleating speed:0-200pleats/min
Power voltage:380v/50HZ
Warm-up power:3KW
Temperature: range:room termperature to 200?
Working pressure:0.6MPa
Machine Weight:800kg

ZD-1100 Knife Pleating Production line
1. Holder 2. Pre-cutter 3. Marking machine 4. Folding Machine

We produce multi-layered media pleating machines. This type of machine does the pleating automatically. Multi-layered Media Pleating Machine is well designed for filtration media , i.e, impregnated filter paper, glass fiber (HEPA Filters) synthetic media, various types of stainless steel, wire mesh as also combination of fabric and wire mesh duly stitched together. It can also pleat paper, card board, copper, aluminium and other metallic foils as may be required. This Pleating Machine is capable of pleating multi-layered media, i.e, fabric and wire mesh, multiple layers of filter paper etc.

1. Paper feeding speed: 0.5 - 12m/min 2. Width available: 35 - 1100mm
3. Power: 0.75KW 380V 4. Machine weight: 400KG
5. Machine dimension: 1250mm x 680mm x 1120mm

1. Marking height: 8 - 55mm 2. Width maximum: 1050mm
3. Power: 1.5KW 380V 4. Machine weight: 450KG
5. Machine dimension: 1500mm x 850mm x 1200mm

1. Pleating height: 5 - 55mm or 15 - 120mm 2. Layers pleated: 1 - 5
3. Pleating speed: 20 - 150 pleats/min 4. Max. pleating width : 1100mm
5. Thickness of material: 0.5 - 3mm 6. Speed adjustable motor: 1.5KW
7. Power: 1.5KW 380V Heater Power: 3KW Heat Temperature: 160°C
8. Machine weight: 730KG
9. Machine dimension: 1430mm x 1550mm x 1400mm

GZ-650 Rotary Pleating Machine
We produce and export filter paper folding machines. The folding height of filter paper is adjustable by changing folding rollers. Different folding height needs different folding rollers. One folding roller can do one folding height. It's equipped with automatic pre-slitting, folding system, electric (after) heating system, automatic counter system. According to customer's demands, main machine, supplement part (for Transferring the paper), working platform, decoiler (paper roll holder) can separately be ordered. This machine can be made as customer's requirements.

1. Pleating speed: 5 - 40M/min. 2. Max. pleating width: 620mm
3. Pleating height: 8 - 72mm 4. All speed adjustable motor
5. Power: 1.5KW 380V 6. Heater temperature: 0°C - 200°C
7. Count marker 8. Pre-slitter 9. Tension rollers 10. Paper feeder rollers 11. Marking rollers 12. Traction rollers 13. Paper collecting 14. Motor controller 15. Counter 16. Heater controller
17. Machine weight: 400KG
18. Machine dimension: 2000mm x 1250mm x 1150mm

ZDS-600 Pleating Assembly Special for Water Filter

Technical parameter:
Max. pleating width: 600mm
Height of pleating:8-55mm
Layers pleated: 1 – 3
Pleating speed: 30 - 110M/min.
Power: 1.1KW 380V
Warm-up power:3KW
Temperature: range:room termperature to 200?
Machine weight:550kg