Aluminium Chain Link Curtain

Aluminium Chain link curtain (chain link screen)

Chain link curtain is a popular and functional decorative screen or divider for residential or commercial places. It is a premium alternative for doorway and window screen. It is just a barrier of insects including flies, wasp and other flying insects instead of fresh air and light. By the way, it is easy to get through and very suitable for doorways which have regular traffic.

The links are aluminum and are connected to an aluminum top track. The top track can be fitted onto brackets so that the whole curtain can be removed in a matter of seconds.


  • Size: 24mm,17mm,special order is available
  • Wire dia: 2mm
  • Material: 100% anodized aluminum
  • Surface: Color Is Applied Via Anodizing
  • Shaped: Hook link hook
  • Color: Gun-black, black, white, purple, blue, gold, pink, silver,other matte:black, brass, silver, gold, pink, gun-black, blue, green, any color are available.
  • Usage: Curtain for door or window ,divider in office, light covering and so on.