Knitted Wire Mesh Rolls

Knitted Wire Mesh Rolls manufactures knitted mesh rolls in a wide range of materials and capabilities for a number of industrial applications.

Knitted mesh is normally specified by the number of stitches per cm. Our range of knitted wire meshes is considerable, usually, 0.5 stitches per cm to 6 stitches per cm is common used.

Knitted wire meshes rolls can be grouped into five broad categories: fine, medium-fine, standard, Knitted Wire Mesh Rollscoarse and super-coarse. However these divisions can cover a wide range of products. By using various filament diameters and mesh sizes, along with different crimping, calendaring, folding, layering and rolling, the choice is almost unlimited.

Knitted mesh can be all metal for round or flat wire steel mesh, including Monel, galvanized steel mesh, tin plated copper clad steel, tinned copper, stainless steel, silver-clad copper, Aluminium, copper, Nickel-plated copper and phosphor bronze. Knitted mesh can also be produced in plastic and other fibres, including polypropylene, glass wool and silica yarn.

Mesh Details
  Typical wire diameter (mm) Typical natural width (mm) Typical number of stitches per cm on length Typical number of stitches per cm across lay flat
Fine Mesh 0.05 – 0.15 6 - 1000 3.5 4.4
Medium-Fine Mesh 0.15 40 – 1000 2.4 3.5
Standard Mesh 0.2 – 0.35 30 - 1000 1.6 1.9
Coarse Mesh 0.2 – 0.35 30 – 1000 1.6 0.74
Super Coarse Mesh 0.4 – 0.8 100 – 350 0.5 0.5