Compound Weave Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

 Compound weave wire mesh conveyor belts, also called as cord weave conveyor belts, refer to series of right and left spirals compound together to form a tighter conveying surface comparing with balanced or universal weave belts. This tightly woven structure makes compound weave conveyor belts ideal for baking, conveying small products and top heavy loads.


Compound weave wire mesh conveyor belt Features:

  • High resistance against acid, alkaline, chemical, abrasion and corrosion.
  • Capable to work regardless of high temperatures.
  • Smooth conveying surface minimize marks and provide easy accurate conveying.
  • Long service life.

Compound weave wire mesh conveyor belt Applications:

  • Biscuits, tortillas, cookies and crackers baking
  • Heat treating of small products.
  • Hardening, tempering, quenching.
  • Cleaning, drying, cooking, freezing and salting.
  • Glass works, electrotechnical industry.
  • Serving as pasteurizing belt, furnace belts, etc.


Compound weave wire mesh conveyor belt Styles:
Compound weave conveyor belts are available in round spiral wire or flat spiral wire as your requirements. Meanwhile, it can be manufactured with upturned edge or standard welded edge as shown in the pictures for you to choose from.