Stainless Steel Test sieve

 Do you know how to order test sieve?

Test Sieves are available in a variety of configurations for use with many different particle-sizing applications. Some meet specific requirements of particular ASTM or ISO specifications. Most test sieves stack or nest with others of similar construction for efficient, sequential separations. Conventional test sieves have round metal frames of stainless steel or brass with mesh woven from stainless steel or brass wire.

A test Sieve consists of a Frame and Screen (Known as Wire Mesh) fitted in round and rectangular shapes.If you want to buy a test sieve,you should tell us diameter and height.

Popular diameter is 3'' 6'' 8'' 10'' 12'' 16'',Specialized or proprietary sizes, either larger or smaller, are also available, although far less common. Test sieves are also available in a variety of heights, either full height (typically, full height is 2 5/8 in.), half height (typically 1 5/8 in.), or a variety of intermediate sizes between.