Knitted Wire Mesh Fabric for Filtration and Cleaning

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Knitted wire mesh fabric is a wire fabric, which is made by a circular knitted machine. The various knitted material wires are knitted into a sleeve of continuous stocking of inter-linked wire loops.

The knitted wire mesh fabric has various materials, the main materials can be galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire, brass wire, nickel wire, monel wire and other alloy wires.

Knitted wire mesh fabric is normally knitted from round or flat wires ranging from various diameters. The round wire knitted mesh fabric is the most widely used type and the flat wire knitted mesh fabric can be used in the special applications according to customers' requirements.

Applications of knitted mesh fabric


  • Knitted mesh fabric is widely used in various industries for air and liquid separation and filtration.
  • Knitted mesh fabric can be used as knitted copper cleaning mesh to clean the inside and outside of the machine parts without hurting the surface of parts.
  • Knitted mesh fabric can be made into knitted cleaning balls to clean the kitchenware and used in the industries for cleaning applications.
  • The knitted mesh fabric can be used for eliminate the mist as knitted mesh mist eliminator.