knitted wire mesh roll

 Do you know kintted wire mesh roll?

Knitted wire mesh rolls refer to the various materials are knitted into knitted wire mesh and then the wire meshes are rolled up for convenient usage and transport.

Knitted wire mesh rolls are available for various materials, the common materials are stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, copper wire, brass wire, nickel wire and monel wire.

Applications of knitted wire mesh rolls
Knitted wire mesh rolls have various applications in our daily life and industries.

  • Knitted wire mesh rolls can be used as knitted cleaning mesh to clean the inside and outside of mechanical parts.
  • Knitted wire mesh rolls have excellent filtering performance, which can be used for gas, liquid separation and filtration.
  • Knitted wire mesh can be used as knitted wire mesh shielding in the cable shielding applications for excellent shielding capacity.

If you need knitted wire mesh roll,pls tell us wire diameter and width.

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