Stainless steel Coppe knitted wire mesh for Shielding

Dinghe offer kinds of EMI/RFI Gaskets and Seals for Magnetic & Electrical Interference Shielding!

 Knitted wire mesh shielding is an application of knitted wire mesh. It refers to the knitted wire mesh gasket, compressed knitted mesh gasket and knitted wire mesh tape. Knitted wire mesh gasket is mainly used in the magnetic and electrical fields including EMP applications for EMI/RFI shielding and sealing. Compressed knitted mesh shielding can be used as gland rings, grounding buttons and other seal material for shielding application. The knitted wire mesh tape is mainly used for cable shielding.

Knitted wire mesh gasket

This type of knitted wire mesh is mainly manufactured from monel wire, tinned copper wire, aluminum wire or stainless steel wire. The high quality wires are knitted by the advanced circle knitting machine to form knitted wire mesh. Then the knitted wire mesh can be made into various shapes and types for excellent EMI/RFI shielding.


Knitted wire mesh gasket can be all metal. The all metal knitted wire mesh gasket has better shielding performance and high strength than other type. It is widely used in the heavy duty applications, such as high temperature and EMP applications. The knitted wire mesh gasket can also be elastomer or foam core. It consists of a layer of knitted wire mesh and elastomer or foam core. The elastomer and foam core can ensure the recovery after compression.