flat flex wire pizza oven mesh conveyor belt

 Flat flex wire mesh stainless steel conveyor belt are made of stainless steel wire of spring wire. Wire diameters varies from 0,9 to 3.2mm. Pitches from 4 mm until 22.23mm, and belt widths from 10 mm until 3 metre. We have a big range of standard dimensions, but can make all the (non standard) dimensions too, because of the multi adjustable production machinery. Belts executed with single loop (most common) or double looped edges for special occasions.

Flat flex wire mesh Stainless steel pizza oven conveyor belt can be made for straight conveyors and for curve conveyors.

Flat flex wire mesh stainless steel pizza oven conveyor belt are normally driven by toothed sprockets, made of (stainless) steel or plastic. The number of teeth is free to choose and can be made for every new or existing conveyor.

Material: stainless steel wire, iron wire, middle and low carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire                             nickel, chromium wire, iron chromium and aluminum wire, polyester wire and so on.

                  Weaving and characteristics: ordinary weaving, reinforce weaving, parts ordinary weaving.


 weave: onventional weave, balanced weave, double balanced weave

Use:  in oil, metallurgy, machine of food processing, pharmacy, glass print, special equipments of                  circuit board, etc.



                 Flexible,high strength

                1.merits-easy to install; 
                2.high efficiency; 
                3.cheaper cost; 
                4.artistic effect on slop

1).Made by imported digital mesh weaving machine, hole well distributed, surface smooth and beautiful 

2).Common material including stainless steel 304 or 316, use for conveying food,clean and nontoxic .

3).Mesh surface is tough and durable,distortion-resistant, can bear high pressure and stress.

4).Has good air circulation and easy-cleanable, convenient to maintain and dismantle.

5).Customized kinds of specification according to customers requirements. May add side guard or not add mesh wire.




Many kind of wire mesh belt can provide to you ,we also can do many typles,if you need more,please dont hesitate to send us your inquiry.